Our heating systems are perfect for you.

Heat Pumps are widely used in office applications saving space and offering good levels of control and energy efficiency, saving you money.

Regal also provide conventional gas fired heating systems using the latest high efficiency condensing boilers  for small or large scale offices.

Heating Systems, what's the diffrence?

Heat Pump systems provide heat efficiently using the ambient air as a renewable sustainable heat source.There are two types, air to air which has the advantage of cooling in summer months and air to water which is an alternative to traditional gas fired boilers. Both offer an excellent coefficient of performance (COP) which is highly energy efficient.

Traditional Gas fired boilers are common place and economic to install but they are less energy efficient and cost more to run.

Regal Heating System Benefits

  • Free advice, give us a call
  • Heat Pump units are energy efficient
  • Web based Intelligent control systems available
  • Individual room control
  • Year round comfortable working environment
  • Service back up from Regal engineers

Interested in office heating? then lets get started

"It was time for a new heating system after years of breakdowns on our old system. We found Regal to be the most responsive company we contacted and the new heating system was installed within a week."

Keith Diamond - Diamond Property Holdings - Southampton, Hampshire

Case Studies

Veterinary referral clinic up and running in 6 weeks

Residential Care facility needs reliable Heating

Carlton Club Portsmouth gets all comfortable!