Regal's production and process humidification systems are the answer.

Regal provides a range of humidifiers including traditional steam electrode and modern energy efficient ultrasonic systems for any office application.

Humidifiers are commonly used in office buildings to replace moisture removed by air conditioning maintaining a healthy working environment.

Backed by Regal Service, our engineers will maintain your humidification systems at competitive prices.

Humidifiers, how do they work?

Traditional steam humidifiers operate by boiling water with an electrode, like a kettle and evaporating the steam generated into an air stream or air conditioning or ventilation system. This adds moisture and raises the relative humidity (RH)

Electrosonic humidifiers also referred to as Ultrasonic, Nebuliser or Coolmist humidifiers use transducers to nebulise clean water into cold steam. This is again introduced into an air stream and adds moisture to the air conditioning or ventilation system.

Electrosonic Humidifier Benefits

Compared to electrode boiler or infra-red type humidifiers, Electrosonic humidifiers manufactured by Regal require up to 90% less energy input. The effect of the nebulised water provides a cooling effect, allowing further energy savings in air conditioning plant.

Electrosonic humidifiers from Regal employ state-of-the-art technology to create nebulisation of water into particles as small as 1 micron, allowing evaporation into the air to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

This technique opens up a new era for low energy, low maintenance humidification systems in all applications. The Electrosonic humidifier by Regal requires minimum maintenance. The use of demineralised water enhances this, since no scaling or build up of mineral deposits occurs.

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"Humidification is a key component in pyrotechnic production.  Since installing Regal humidification, down time reduction and less waste product gives us better returns and profits.

John Grey  - WDS - Middle Wallop Hampshire

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