Regal Environmental has recently completed an installation of a heat recovery ventilation system for Kong, the World’s top pet toy manufacturer.

Staff at their distribution centre in High Post, Salisbury, where the offices had a basic extract system for ventilation, required improved ventilation for the comfort of their staff.

Clive Tee, the centre manager contacted Regal and it wasn’t long before a Daikin VAM Heat Recovery Ventilation system was installed. bringing in fresh air that is passed over a heat exchanger to recover heat from the extracted stale air before being delivered in to the rooms via a combination of ceiling and wall grilles.

The staff are now enjoying a greatly improved working atmosphere that remains fresh all day long. Clive commented that the whole installation went very smoothly and the fresher air in the offices is a big improvement and has made such a difference.

Clive Tee agreed that Regal had ‘Kong-quered’ their ventilation issues!


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