Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Regal were approached by a local storage and transport company that needed one of their warehouses to be temperature controlled urgently for a new client of theirs. The high value goods need to be stored within a critical temperature range.

Once the finer details of their requirements were fully understood, Regal selected an air to air heat pump system, with a high static ducted indoor unit. The supply air, warm or chilled to the rooms requirements, is ducted at high level through a fabric duct system. The three supply air ducts had to be kept high to be clear of the fork lifts, so the supply air needed to be at a high velocity to reach 5 metres to floor level. This was achieved by the use of high velocity jet nozzles spaced along the length of the three 30 metre supply air ducts.

The colour of the fabric supply air duct, blue, has been chosen by the customer to match the colour of the warehouse racking. 

Regal pulled out all the stops to design, install, commission and put the heating and cooling system into operation over a 6 day period. The result is a fully, heating and cooling, temperature controlled warehouse and very happy customers for both Regal and our client.

The end customer was so happy with the result they have asked for an even larger warehouse to be fitted out with a similar temperature controlled system, and so the process begins again!

Another REGAL satisfied customer

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