Our office ventilation systems are perfect for you.

Regal ventilation systems remove stale air, replacing it with clean, fresh air and with heat recovery saves money spent on heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Heat exchangers transfer heat and humidity between extract air and fresh supply air, saving money on energy costs while maintaining comfortable conditions inside the building for you and your staff or customers.

Ventilation in the office

Insufficient ventilation in the workplace can lead to tiredness, lethargy and skin or eye irritations amongst other common medical conditions such as coughs and colds. Ventilation systems replace stale air with clean fresh air for breathing and odour control helping keep staff alert and feeling comfortable. Regal provide a wide range of ventilation solutions from a singe room to a whole building.

Regal Ventilation Benefits

  • Free advice, give us a call
  • less staff complaints
  • higher employee efficiency and less sick leave
  • Energy efficient heat recovery saves money
  • Healthy working environment

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"Combined with our air conditioning systems, the introduction of office ventilation has provided a healthy working environment for our staff."

Nick Shaw - VTCT Eastleigh, Hampshire

Case Studies

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