Regal's ventilation systems are perfect for your customers.

Regal ventilation systems remove stale air, replacing it with clean, fresh air improving the dining experience for your customers

Heat recovery saves money spent on heating in winter and cooling in summer. Heat exchangers transfer heat and humidity between stale extract air and fresh supply air,  maintaining comfortable conditions inside the restaurant for you and your staff and customers.

Ventilation in the restaurant

Regal offer economic solutions, whatever your budget. Customers will enjoy their dining experience more and in todays social media world you will get more likes and referrals from a good dining experience.

Regal Ventilation Benefits

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  • Removes odours
  • Healthy dining environment
  • Reduces condensation
  • Happy customers
  • Good staff welfare

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"Before we installed Regal ventilation, our dining area quickly became stuffy. We could control temperature but the air was stale and uncomfortable and customers asked for the windows to be opened. Now we have the ventilation running, our heating and cooling costs have reduced and our customers' feedback is very positive."

Sian Johnston - St Johns - London

Case Studies

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