Regal's retail ventilation systems are perfect for you.

Regal ventilation systems remove stale air, replacing it with clean, fresh air and with heat recovery saves money spent on heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Heat exchangers transfer heat and humidity between extract air and fresh supply air, saving money on energy costs while maintaining comfortable conditions inside the shop for you and your staff or customers.

Ventilation in the shop

Regal offer economic solutions, whatever your budget. Customers will enjoy their shopping experience more and in todays social media world you will get more likes and referrals from a good shopping experience with clean fresh air.

Regal Ventilation Benefits

  • free advice, give us a call
  • Help with Local Authority Planning & Building control
  • Removes odours
  • Healthy shopping environment
  • Reduces condensation
  • Happy customers
  • Good staff welfare

Interested in shop ventilation? then lets get started

"Ventilation is a must! Especially at busy times when our customers want to be comfortable with clean, fresh air in the shop."

Sally Smeed - Curtain Design House - Chandlers Ford Hampshire

Case Studies

New Energy Fitness an exclusive and trendsetting Gym in Winchester

Extract air for Petrochemical testing Laboratory

Ventilation…. a breath of fresh air for call centre